Chattanooga Auction House

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At least once monthly, there is an opportunity to buy priceless antiques and estate sale treasures at the Chattanooga Auction House.  They have regular auctions on the last Saturday of each month and additional auctions as exceptional merchandise becomes available. Not only can you score one-of-a-kind antiques, jewelry and rugs at exceptional bargains, but it has also become a social event in the area for good times and complimentary wine and hors d'ouerves for bidders.  Here is a sampling of what's going on the block at this month's auction.

I love the classic lines of these brass wall sconces. A perfect place to display something like this

Francophiles rejoice!!

This adorable old settee could go so many places and comes with that cute granny pillow.

Some bling for your bathroom...

Looking for some Oriental flair?

Mid-century stew

Liberace called . . .

Happy Bidding!