Have you seen Lonny?

Friday, March 26, 2010

"I surrounded myself at the magazine with people who I thought had great taste and great style" - Deborah Needelman

My Saturday jaunts over to Barnes & Nobel at Hamilton Place to devour the latest issues of my favorite design magazines have been a bit fruitless lately as so many great shelter magazines have folded this past year.  Gone are my coveted Domino Magazine, Southern Accents, Country Home, Cottage Living and O at Home.  It seems the slow economy combined with the gaining popularity of design blogs has led to seriously declining advertising revenues for these publications making it impossible for them to stay in production. 

And now for silver lining! The stylish folks that created Domino Magazine have fearlessly launched a new online offering called Lonny that is yours for the viewing - no subscription necessary! 

Lonny showcases a lot of the same features found in Domino, and it has the same the stylish yet attainable aesthetic that Domino portrayed so beautifully.

For those of you whose tastes run more traditional with a southern twang, Southern Accents is also operating an online branch of the magazine. 

How do you feel about e-magazines over printed ones?  I know I prefer my magazines of the printed variety.  There is something so exciting about going to the mailbox and getting your latest glossy copy.  The evening plan is made.  Find a comfy spot with good light, a blanket (and those reading glasses I can never find) and you're off to a beautiful world where all the dinner dishes are cleaned and every last detail is in place!

All images above from Domino - R.I.P.

Next group of photos from Lonny

You can find beautiful images of luxurious southern homes like these at Southern Living

Have lovely weekend !



Marija said...

I have to admit - I prefer a printed magazine. I like the feel, I like cozying up at night in front of the tv flipping the pages - long after I've finally shut down my computer for the day. But I guess these days, I'll take what I can get :) Marija

Kathysue said...

I almost cried when Southern Accents went out of print, I still can not believe it . I am so glad I saved my back issues. Glad they have something on line, but there still is nothing like a cup of tea and turning the pages, Hmmm, Sigh!! Kathysue