Yearning for Yellow

Friday, March 19, 2010

"It's a feel-good color, because it's light and refreshing and bright." - Joe Nye

This winter has taken its toll on many of us. So many cold, gray days and more snowfall than we have seen in over a decade!  I have the perfect antidote for the somber palette we have been dealing with - yellow!  And not that soft, creamy, buttery yellow.  Nope, the color I have a hankerin' for is the yellow with some teeth!   You know, the color of bright sunshine, lemons and canaries.  Pucker up and check these out:

Love how the lemony accents wake up this neutral space!

Design goddess Suzanne Kasler typically infuses a neutral room with accessories in a vibrant hue

Three words: bright, fresh, sunny!

Warming up  yet?

Yellow goes girly in Betsey Johnson's dining room

My eye goes straight to those vibrant yellow chairs!

Lots of pretty yellow pillows available at

Let the sunshine in!


A Perfect Gray said...

I have been looking at that fabric on the 2nd to last pillow image. Love it!