Blue & White Monday - The Exterior Files

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm very excited to participate in The Pink Pagoda's first Blue & White Monday link-up event.  Do you find that Jennifer's Blue & White Monday series actually makes you look forward to Monday?  Me too.

I thought it might be fun to share some inspiring images of blue& white exteriors.  Have you ever thought of this never-fail color scheme for the outside of your home?

This image is for Jennifer, because we know how much she loves blue and white with some pink mixed in.  

Note to self:  plan a trip to Greece sometime soon. 

Greece again.  That saturated cobalt blue is amazing in the intense Grecian sunlight.

How about some blue & white on good old American architecture.

Clever how the blue & white planters echo the color palette of the house.

And finally, this one, for those that lean toward softer colors.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of blue & white on the exterior or do your prefer your blue & white indoors?

Visit "The Blue & White Bash" at The Pink Pagoda for even more blue & white inspiration!

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The Latest

Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Friday fine people!!!  I can't believe we're on the threshold of another weekend.  Things have been very busy lately - and that's a good thing - but I didn't want to let the week end without giving you a glimpse into what I've been up to lately.  It's all good stuff!

First, my sweet client's nursery is complete.  And as of this writing, the new arrival should be enjoying the space we created just for him.  Let's hope he's getting some sleep in there.

In other work related news, I delivered this adorable pagoda cornice this week.  
Do you recognize that fabric?  It's the same Lemon Tree fabric I used in my family room makeover as part of the One Room Challenge.  I still love it!

And I survived the Home Show.  Although it could have gone either way.  On move-in day I shattered the lid of one of my favorite white Ginger jars and when I finally got everything loaded my car was completely dead.  It wasn't a pretty scene.  But I got it together and the show went well and I picked up a few new clients. Yay.

So here's what my booth looked like.

Note in the picture above that I still have one of the two ginger jars with the lid intact.

And there has been some shopping.

Paint ?  Leave as is?  Fur cushion?  Many  options to consider.  Feel free to jump in.

And what about this pair of vintage lucite fixtures.  I want to put them somewhere in my house but can't decide where.  Until then they stay in the box.

Office chairs.  Yay! Since hubs and I will be sharing the office space I wanted to get him chairs that are somewhat macho.  Chrome and black leather should work fine.

And I got a pair of Greek key 3 drawer dressers that someone really did a number on.  And when I bought them they were on the sidewalk which happened to be 50% off that day so I got a sweet bargain, which I'm sure I'll end up paying back in sweat equity.  I have no idea what is on those handles but it should be fun (not) trying to remove it.

And that's all I have for now. Thanks so much for checking in with me.  We're supposed to have a beautiful weekend and I'm so excited cooler temperatures and lower humidity have finally arrived!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wood Bead Chandeliers

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let's talk about wood bead chandeliers today.  I like 'em, and here's why.

They reinvent the classic shape of a traditional chandelier.  The wood beads are softer, more tactile; making the entire piece feel more relaxed and casual.

Wood bead chandeliers work in more formal settings, too. 
The "Maurice" chandelier from Arteriors is probably my favorite of the bunch.  It has such an unusual shape and so much presence.

Also from Arteriors is the "Louis".  Louis is a more classic in form, but the wood beads give it a new twist.

There's something so pretty about natural wood against a white backdrop.

Regina Andrew's wood bead chandelier has a more rustic feel with its distressed iron accents.

And finally, there's this little number.  Because of its small scale, I wouldn't recommend using it over a dining table, but it would be perfect in a powder room, small entry or hallway.

Do you have favorite?

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Instagram Faves

Monday, September 16, 2013

Once again I'm a late arrival to the latest social media party.  I'm talking about Instagram.  I created my Instagram profile quite a while ago, but I only used it to try and disguise my pathetic photography skills by using the filters.  Recently I started using Instagram to gather inspiration and get quick updates on the folks I'm following.  And if you haven't joined in on the fun, I highly encourage you to get started. 

One of my favorite Instagrammers is Ashley Hicks  Here's why:

And in case you need a better look on the amazing detail on those doors

And how else would I have the opportunity to take in this picturesque view? 

I also look forward to seeing posts from Alex Papachristidis.  The next two images are from alexsviewpoint.

And finally, here's a chair I won't soon forget.

So now I see what the fuss is all about.  

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Who do you like to follow?

Pimp My Dollhouse with Little Black Door

Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to the latest installment of the Pimp my Dollhouse series.  You know the one.  It's where I've challenged a few of my favorite bloggers/designers/friends to come up with a plan for my formalish living room and dining room. Here's the catch.  They have to incorporate a few pieces I already own into the design.  Specifically, the items pictured below.

Participants have no budget limitations (!)  and they know how much I love color, pattern, and Chinoiserie.  

Today I'm excited to welcome the incredibly capable and talented Elizabeth from Little Black Door.  If you've checked in on her blog, and I'm sure you have/do, you know that she can rock a makeover and any kind of DIY you can throw at her. 

Here's Elizabeth:

As for the boards - in the living room  - that yummy green velvet sofa of yours just screams library to me so I went for it. Dark, moody blue bookcases filled with books and great accessories and some brass sconces for easy reading. I like to find the smallest color in a fabric and pull that out. So in your lovely floral fabric I pulled out the yellow and pink. You know I must have some pink.

- in the dining room - dining rooms are most often used at night, so I say embrace the darkness and go dark. The toile wallpaper is crazy good and is set off by the white and blue sideboards and your beautiful dining table. The chairs tie into the color of the sideboard and the accents are set off by that great pink rug.

Can we just take a moment to discuss how much I love the touches of raspberry?  And that wallpaper in the dining room is pretty spectacular! Not sure if I love that more or the blue painted book cases.

What do you think? Are you loving Elizabeth's vibrant plan as much as I do?

The Green Room Interiors provides Interior Decorating and Design Services to happy homeowners in Chattanooga, TN.  If you'd like to experience the joy of living in a well designed home, contact Kim Lemmon at 423.653.3186 or email

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The Business of Design - Marketing

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did you click through to this post because you're hoping to get tips for how to market your design business?  Sorry, but I'm writing this post because I've been given an amazing opportunity to have a booth at the upcoming 2013 Home & Remodeling Expo and I'm hoping you folks might be able to help me out.

I will have a 10x10 booth that I am planning to stage in a style that reflects my aesthetic.  The centerpiece will be this Mid Century Modern dresser by Dixie.  It needs a little love, but it's solid, has great lines, and fab hardware. Done.

This original painting by Mid Century artist Tom Hayward will probably be propped on the dresser.

Also, I'm making over these chairs as we speak - (I should be stapling right now).
They're getting the white paint treatment and this new fabric. 
 One of my all time faves.

Let's see.  I'm also thinking about flanking either side of the booth entrance with these recently scored etageres.

The etageres will be decked out with a mix of brass, white porcelain and maybe a few old books for a textural mix.

So you can see I have a pretty clear direction of how I want things to look.  Now I have to figure out what to have in my booth to help me from a business standpoint.

Here's what I have on my list right now.

Business cards
Guest book to collect email addresses
Portfolio album of past projects
Winning smile and positive attitude 
Oh, and a sign.  I'm getting a sign made.  

I feel like there should be more.  Not more stuff to fill the booth, just more about me and the services I offer.  

Help a girl out. Leave me a comment below or email me with your brilliant ideas.  Tick tock, the Home and Remodeling Expo is next weekend!

The Green Room Interiors provides Interior Decorating and Design Services to happy homeowners in Chattanooga, TN.  If you'd like to experience the joy of living in a well designed home, contact Kimberly Lemmon at 423.653.3186 or email

Pimp My Dollhouse - With MAKE + MODEL

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was great - lots of shopping and cooking out with a side of sleeping in.  Fun stuff! Anyway, I have a very special guest in the house today who's putting her spin on my living room and dining room as part of my Pimp My Dollhouse series.  It's Brandy from Make + Model!  Yes, she's another Tennessee blogger and she has a swanky, sparkly style that I know you're going to love as much as I do!

Here's the story on the Pimp my Dollhouse series. I've asked a few bloggers/designers/friends that I admire to come up with a plan for my living room and dining room that incorporates 4 items that I'm sure I'll be using in these spaces.  Not only do they have an unlimited budget, they've been made aware of my love of color, pattern, and Chinoiserie.  And also that I want a trad/mod mix that's sophisticated but not stuffy.  Still with me?  Good.

And so, here are the items I've asked everyone to incorporate into the design:

And now - here's what Brandy says: 

Hi Kim!  Thanks for including me in such a fun project.  I loved working with an unlimited budget and I'm sure several of my choices will reflect that.  The good thing is the same look can be achieved with less expensive pieces.  I love rooms with a lot of layers so I've combined your love of Chinoiserie and Trad/Mod with my love of  Mid-Century, Hollywood Regency and added what I call a "textural touch" to pull it all together.   I hope you enjoy!

  • TRADITIONAL: Parquet Flooring, Dining Table
  • MID-CENTURY AND MODERN: Sconces, Chandelier, Side Chairs, Artwork by Jessica Rae Sommers (I'm a huge fan!)
  • CHINOISERIE:  Mastercraft Chairs w/Greek Key detail, Malachite Dishes
  • HOLLYWOOD REGENCY/ GLAMOUR:  Chandelier, Gold Foil Wallpaper (only on one wall; I've used this wallpaper for a client and in my own is amazing), Brass Finish of Chairs
  • TEXTURAL TOUCH:  Cheetah Print Hide Rug (hides are amazing in a dining room; they are impervious to stains), Side Chair Fabric: Brown Hornback Leather
  • PAINT:  I'm a white paint girl.  I recommend a nice clean white like Benjamin Moore's Simply White.  This will allow all of your pieces to pop and keeps your space feeling young and fresh!


  • TRADITIONAL:  Emerald Green Sofa
  • MID-CENTURY AND MODERN:  Milo Baughman Side Chairs in Coral
  • CHINOISERIE:  Pillow Fabric, Vintage Cream Pagoda Resin Lamps, Black Lacquer End Tables With Scalloped Hardware, Malachite Console
  • HOLLYWOOD REGENCY/ GLAMOUR:  Lucite and Brass Bar Cart, Brass Stools, Brass Gilt Wheat Sheaf Coffee Table
  • TEXTURAL TOUCH:  Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug, Seagrass and Mongolian Lambswool Stool Fabric
  • PAINT:  Same as above, Benjamin Moore's Simply White 

Oh dear.  How brilliant is Oh Joy!'s Petal Pusher on the wall?   Did you hear me mention that Brandy's style was swanky and sparkly!?!?   And I'm completely obsessed with the Malachite dishes and console.  My little Dollhouse never looked so hip!!

Brandy, thanks for playing along!  Make sure you visit Brandy's new website to see what vintage treasures she's offering up for sale.  

What do you love most about Brandy's inspiration boards?

The Green Room Interiors provides Interior Decorating and Design Services to happy homeowners in Chattanooga, TN.  If you'd like to experience the joy of living in a well designed home, contact Kim Lemmon at 423.653.3186 or email

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