Ready or not...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yep, it's moving day in Tennessee!

I'll catch up with you in a few weeks -after the internet connection is up and I find my keyboard!! :)  

Finally Finished - Before & After Furniture Makeovers

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have been working on these furniture projects off and on for the past several weeks!  I never thought I would get done with them but persistence paid off and I am sharing the fruits of my labor with you now!  Nothing complex or complicated here, just the usual (dreaded) sanding, priming, painting, and stapling.  

Got a pair of these end tables, circa 1966. Sanded, primed, and painted them.

Is it me or do you see a double smiley face on these? 

The husband questioned my judgement when I got these home (something about what 1960's trailer park they came out of  - he's lots of  fun like that!) and I must admit I had some doubts myself but...

I think they turned out pretty cute, and maybe a little Swedish in feel.

I actually found two of these stools at two different times from two different places and they are identical.  The seat cushion comes off and there's a bit of storage underneath.

And now the Mother of my furniture makeover post.  I bought this sideboard from craigslist.  I specifically asked the owner if the wood was in good shape and she assured me it was, but after I made the 30-minute drive over there, I found that the wood veneer had "let go" in several places and was separating from the wood beneath.  After haggling with her some more (I am so my mother's daughter) I got it at a price that made it worth the extra trouble.  I had to removed the wood veneer from the top and one of the doors.  I did not get a before picture, I just didn't remember to take one until the project was underway.  so here are some "durings".

Can you tell the top has been removed?  It took lots of scraping and sanding.  

And thankfully, after..

This one makes my heart happy!

Linking up to Metamorphosis Monday.  Click on the butterfly  image below and check out lots of before and afters!

I love Mondays!  A whole week of possibilities!  Hope yours is a great one!!

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Bliss in the Bathroom - The Ultimate Luxury

Friday, September 10, 2010

I've had a full week of cleaning and disinfecting over at the Animal House this week but I have yet to tackle the bathrooms.  It seems no one ever introduced these guys to a scrub brush, sponge or cleaning product of any type! (I'm gonna make the call for you and decide you really don't want to see  pictures).   As I continue to clean my way through the rest of the house, I am holding on to thoughts of bathrooms that are inspiring and luxurious, and I can think of no greater luxury than having a fireplace in the bathroom.  It's the stuff dreams are made of...

Dream on!!

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Frankly my dear...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am so excited to be guest posting for Jade over at Flip Flops & Pearls for her series about the South.  Jade is a talented designer with a beautiful  blog.  I especially love the Monday Musings and Friday Favorites posts.  Flip Flops & Pearls is one of my daily reads, and I'm thrilled to participate in this Southern-style series!  

Go check it out here and see what I love about the South!!

My Dining Room Mood Board

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Although I'm in moving hell right now,  I also have high hopes and lots of excitement about getting back to our house downtown and making it our home (again).

I think the planning and dreaming part of decorating a space is the most fun part of the process.  Maybe because the only limits you have are the boundaries of your imagination. Imaginary rooms have no budget or time constraints, the finished project is always jaw-droppingly beautiful, and you don't even have to break a sweat to create it!

In my dining room, I plan to paint the walls gray and use accents of coral (the color).  I have a built-in china cabinet in the dining room and I want to paint the interior shelving area coral, or line it with wallpaper or fabric.  This cabinet will display my collection of silver platters and serving pieces.

I plan to keep my existing dining room chairs, and maybe freshen them up with a coat of white paint.  I am completely smitten with Trina Turk's Peacock fabric in Punch and would love to cover the seat cushions with this.  Thankfully, chair seats don't require much yardage, so I can justify a splurge on this fabric choice..

I will use the same dining room rug I've had for ten years.  It's mostly black, but it has splashes of coral, red and yellow.  You'll have to trust me here, the rug is completely covered with moving boxes and newspaper right now so I can't share a photo with you. (I guess that's moving progress!)

As budget permits, I want to change out the brass antique chandelier for something more whimsical, like this capiz shell chandelier from West Elm.  The rectangular shape is just right for my long dining room table.

And I think my black & white lamps would look good in here.

To finish off the space, I plan to use accents of gold - I love gold against a gray backdrop!

So here is how my mind sees my new(ish) dining room.

Can you see it too?

Make the most of this last weekend of summer!  I will be laboring over some nearly completed furniture makeovers - hope to post them Monday or Tuesday.

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