Chattanooga's Amazing Architecture

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Buildings too are the children of the earth and sun." - Frank Lloyd Wright

The city of Chattanooga is blessed with some amazing architectural gems and I wanted to share some of my faves with you.  Most photos are from Fort Wood, a charming historic neighborhood tucked away in downtown Chattanooga, and from Lookout Mountain.  Hope you enjoy them : )

Gorgeous Victorian in Fort Wood

Stately brick home in Fort Wood

Mayor's Mansion Inn - Now used as a B&B, this used to be a single family hone!

Choo Choo!

Choo Choo Lobby with skylight on steriods!

Fantastic Craftsman home on Lookout Mountain.  The big stone porch wraps around to the north side of the house too.

This is the view they enjoy from the front porch.  At night it's like twinkling Christmas lights all year long!

English Tudor style on Lookout Mountain. 

This magnificent Tudor home is rich in historic detail and is on the western brow of Lookout Mountain.

Homes on the western brow enjoy this view of the Sequatchie Valley.

This century-old home is owned by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  It is used as housing for the Chancellor.  The lady of the house describes it as the best public housing in Chattanooga! :)

This house fits so beautifully into the landscape. 

Another view of UTC Chancellor's house, western side.

This is the Giles house on Lookout Mountain that was sold at auction this past summer.  The current owner is doing a massive renovation on the property.  I will post more pictures of this as work continues - it promises to be an exceptional project to watch!

This is the original stonework that encloses the entire property.  It is just as beautiful as it was 100 years ago. 

Is that the sun I see? ...


Shayla Morgan said...

Oh the houses are so cool! Some of them have a touch of classics, right? The architectures are truly a great work of art. The place and the house look so peaceful and you'll feel comfortable to stay there.