Hello Sunshine!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

If you live anywhere near me then you're probably sick of seeing this on your local weather report

Honestly, we've had buckets of rain for days now, but thankfully we're headed for blue skies, sunshine and warmer temperatures this weekend!  The beginning of spring makes me want to bring some sunshine inside, too.  Aren't accents of yellow the perfect way to chase away the winter blahs?

Louis in lemon velvet - does it get any better?

Image from Eclectic Revisited

Happy glorious spring weekend!

Career News

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so excited to be able to share some news with you!  On Monday, I signed a contract to begin work as a designer at Yessick's Design Center here in Chattanooga!  Yessick's is a well-established design firm that was started by owner Marsha Yessick nearly 30 years ago, and is the largest design firm in the Southeastern United States. 

I am still in shock and so grateful to have this opportunity.  The design center is in a custom-built antebellum style home that has rooms and rooms of incredible fabrics, wallpapers, accessories and art.  They even have a lamp shop onsite that can custom make lamps and lampshades.  To say I'm excited is a huge understatement - I haven't had a full night's sleep since my first interview two weeks ago!

So, buckle up - I'll be bringing you along for the ride.  I also see a blog redesign in my future. 

And, they have a young Facebook page.  Click here to like us!

Weekend Recap - Atlanta Shopping Finds

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!  This is a tough one to face - we were all on spring break last week and getting up this rainy Monday wasn't easy!  We had a very productive shopping week, though. We found the perfect prom dress for Alyssa's senior prom and I got some great vintage pieces I'll be bringing over to the shop! I couldn't wait to share these with you - I snapped the photos at Mom's house.

Quite the find!  This is vintage Thomasville.  Geometric Chinoiserie in bamboo - spectacular!

Don't you think its a dead ringer for this chair in this NY apt. by Ashley Whittaker? 

Image via House Beautiful

Italian made brass coffee table base.  It had a plywood top affixed to it when I bought it - I think someone was using it as a bench. . Needs a new glass top and a good cleaning. Have you tried Barkeeper's Friend on brass?  I highly recommend it - you can find it at most grocery stores and Walmart.

Unfortunately, I had to leave this framed Scottish flag at my Mom's place.  It wouldn't fit in my car!  When it does make it home it will live over the sofa in my family room. I think it's the perfect counterpoint to my busy and very traditional Persian rug.

Also got a pair of these big emerald green velvet pillows.

A sweet vintage landscape

And this vintage coffee table.

And Shelby made a few new friends at our visit to the Pet shop.

Have a great start to your week!

Vintage Marimekko on Ebay

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

With several undone furniture makeover projects waiting in the wings (or as I call it, the mud room) , I headed over to Ebay to look for something out of the ordinary.  A vintage fabric search led me to these bold, colorful and still relevant beauties from Finland's Marimekko.

Frame this

Looks like Marimekko did a remix of this pattern for their feature print of Spring 2011.

AND -  they have a blog!

Oh, and I'm signing off for the week.  My girls are on spring break and we're headed to Atlanta to do some power prom dress shopping!  See you back here Monday!!

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Modern Granny

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another chair makeover!  Here's the before. I picked up this armchair a few weeks ago. The ultra-traditional chair had a few things going for it - it was structurally sound and had classic lines.  I was not thrilled with the upholstery it was wearing - the texture reminded me of car upholstery.  And it's original orange-brown stain was pretty scuffed up.  

Paint (after sanding and priming) to the rescue!  High gloss white always looks so fresh, and I knew it would be the perfect choice for the fabric I was planning to use.  I got a yard of Scalamandre's China Rose from Shannon over at The Designers Attic.  

I love the old-fashioned feel of this pattern.  Big cabbage roses, Chinoiserie, and gorgeous color!  How can you go wrong?

Aren't you amazed at how paint and fabric can transform a piece that is past its prime into something so relevant to today's interiors? This Granny is hip!  

This lovely chair is going to the shop. AND I have enough of this fabric left over to  redo another armchair that will live in my foyer. 

Happy Monday!  

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Due to a random Google search (I don't even recall what I was searching for at the time), I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Novica.com.  Have you been to this site?  National Geographic has put together this shopping site of artisan-made goods from all over the world.  Novica has a very well-rounded selection of handmade jewelry, art, furniture and textiles -  in every price range.

The design on these rattan baskets is created with hand-applied beads.

Heroic Elephants accent table from West Africa

Wool Geometric throws are from Andes artisans

Glass jewelry box with handpainted butterflies

Leather framed mirror from Peru.  Rope details make it even more unique!

Red Lightning wool rug from Mexico.

Elephant covered jar and elephant soapstone vase.

Also great to know, National Geographic/Novica reinvests profits from Novica into education for Artists!

Busy week ahead AND computer behaving badly -Google Chrome crashed : (    Hope you're off to a smoother start than I am!

My Hero

Friday, March 11, 2011

I love my mailman

especially when he brings me pretty things!

Set of 4 Lee Jofa flamestitch pillow covers in red, coral and camel.  These are heavy weight upholstery fabric and should wear like iron!

Keeping two for myself, may sell the other pair.  Inquiries to thegreenroominteriors@gmail.com

And thankfully, a beautiful spring weekend is on tap for Chattanooga this weekend.  Stop by Merchants on Main for our Saturday sidewalk event!  Discounts, food and merriment!

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Favorite Etsy Stencils

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy wet Wednesday!  It's been pouring buckets since yesterday afternoon and should continue for the rest of the day.  No worries, when the weather turns foul outside it's the perfect opportunity to tackle a diy project.  Stenciling comes to mind as one of those projects I would love to explore.  Stenciling has several advantages over wallpaper - it's much less expensive, you can customize the colors to suit your palette, and when you get tired of it, you can simply paint over it!

Etsy is a goldmine for stencil patterns - here are a few of my favorites.

Whimsical water lily stencil from Etsy seller Olive Leaf Stencils

Acacia pattern from Etsy seller Cutting Edge Stencils

This is the perfect solution if  the Cole & Son birch wallpaper is out of your budget. Silver Birch Branches, also from Olive Leaf Stencils

Ikat pattern from Olive Leaf Stencils

from Royal Design Stencils - add Ibuprofen to your materials list if you try this.

Cutting Edge Stencils

Nadya from Cutting Edge Stencils

 The Swedish Floral from Cutting Edge Stencils is understated and charming - I like it!

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, you can go bold with this giant squid stencil from Olive Leaf.

Find these and pages more at Etsy.

Hope it's sunny where you are!

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