Chattanooga's Amazing Architecture

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Buildings too are the children of the earth and sun." - Frank Lloyd Wright

The city of Chattanooga is blessed with some amazing architectural gems and I wanted to share some of my faves with you.  Most photos are from Fort Wood, a charming historic neighborhood tucked away in downtown Chattanooga, and from Lookout Mountain.  Hope you enjoy them : )

Gorgeous Victorian in Fort Wood

Stately brick home in Fort Wood

Mayor's Mansion Inn - Now used as a B&B, this used to be a single family hone!

Choo Choo!

Choo Choo Lobby with skylight on steriods!

Fantastic Craftsman home on Lookout Mountain.  The big stone porch wraps around to the north side of the house too.

This is the view they enjoy from the front porch.  At night it's like twinkling Christmas lights all year long!

English Tudor style on Lookout Mountain. 

This magnificent Tudor home is rich in historic detail and is on the western brow of Lookout Mountain.

Homes on the western brow enjoy this view of the Sequatchie Valley.

This century-old home is owned by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  It is used as housing for the Chancellor.  The lady of the house describes it as the best public housing in Chattanooga! :)

This house fits so beautifully into the landscape. 

Another view of UTC Chancellor's house, western side.

This is the Giles house on Lookout Mountain that was sold at auction this past summer.  The current owner is doing a massive renovation on the property.  I will post more pictures of this as work continues - it promises to be an exceptional project to watch!

This is the original stonework that encloses the entire property.  It is just as beautiful as it was 100 years ago. 

Is that the sun I see? ...

My Overstock Picks

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Good taste has no price tag" - Billy Baldwin

Overstock is one of my favorite shopping destinations.  They always have an outstanding selection of merchandise in any category you can think of and all orders ship for just $2.95!  Here are my picks ...

Great looking sofa with clean lines and neutral velvet upholstery.

These chairs come in this honey color and also in rosemary, which is a neutral sagey green.
I really like the nailhead detail.

A fun occasional chair with Asian flair.  Love the black lacquer bamboo frame on this.

Comfy club chair in chocolate brown velvet

Striped rugs can really wake up neutral furnishings.  The color palette of blue, cream and brown is so popular right now.

This rug is a little edgier with its zigzag pattern.  Love it!!

Two of these would make a stylish coffee table that is portable!

Classic blue & white porcelain lamps are always in fashion.

Another no-fail, go anywhere lamp.

Pretty pillows.  The contrast of the dark pillows on light upholstery is so striking.

So many uses for this gorgeous garden stool.. Use it as a side table for an occasional chair, use two as a coffee table, or use as extra seating as needed  Also just a great scuptural accent - so elegant.

Good looking dining chair is shown here in a modern cream leather upholstery. The same chair is also available in a linen fabric.

A more vibrant option for your dining chairs.

Some classic lighting options.

And a modern take on lighting.

Happy Monday!!!

Stalking Chattanooga Craigslist

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint." - Elsie de Wolfe

I can't tell you how many times I've reworked some lowly castoff furniture piece that someone decided they no longer loved.  This is such a fun way to decorate because you can really make it your own through paint, upholstery or other decorative finishes.   Craigslist is a really good resource to find these diamonds in the rough and I am sharing my picks for what I found on Craigslist in the Chattanooga area.

This is one of a set of four that the owner is selling.  They appear to be in excellent condition, are custom upholstered and neutral enough to go just about anywhere.

This traditional style dresser provides lots of storage and could easiily updated with a fresh coat of paint; or, if you are a purist, a good cleaning and some Old English!

These old steamer trunks are so versatile.  Depending on the size, you can use them as coffee tables or stack them for a practical side table.  With either option, you'll get lots of  look!

Okay, if this bed was a queen size it would be in my room right now!  It is a full size and is tres' beautiful. Priced at a couple hundred bucks, this bed is a no-brainer! The image below is the exact same bed, sold through JCPenney (the Chris Madden Collection).  The image is from their website.

Hey good looking :) ! This mirror is a steal at $32 and is solid mahogany.

These vintage club chairs have beautiful lines.  Reupholster them in neutral suede, linen or velvet and punch them up with some colorful mod pillows!

Unbelievable! This 1940's kitchen set is complete with the porcelain topped table and 4 matching chairs.  The table features a pullout drawer for your silverware.  There are more photos online, but it looks to be pristine!  And black & white will blend so easily with any color palette you want to work with!

I love oriental details of this filing cabinet.  Such a stylish way to corral your clutter!

Great weather for shopping from home in your pj's!!

Southeastern Salvage

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Good taste has no price tag." - Billy Baldwin

On a recent February afternoon, I ventured out in search of stylish bargains and I wound up at one of my favorite haunts, Southeastern Salvage!.  With all of the homes I have renovated over the past decade or so, this place has been invaluable in helping me get a hgh end look on a meager budget. Here are some picks and/or pics ... : )

As usual, there is a good  selection of mirrors at great prices.  You can get a tall "leaner" mirror starting at just under $90.  The one immediately above is made from railroad ties and  has a great rough texture.  It is priced at just under $200.

These french chairs are covered in goes-with-everything linen and would work well in a bedroom.  There is also a sofa available in this style.

A superb buy on this teakwood bench at $149.  If I were using this outside I would keep it in its natural wood finish, but it would also be an amazing statement piece in a foyer painted in a rich Chinese red.

Nothing says summer like stripes!  These pillow covers are so easy because you can use them over your existing pillows and zip up a whole new look.  I'm loving the hot pink & navy blue stripes!

Place these beautiful green vases in front of window to really make them glow.  They would also make gorgeous DIY lamps - all you need is a bottle lamp kit from any hardware store!

Love these pottery oriental vases.  At $14.95, the wooden stand is included!

These mini benches are painted in such fun colors and would be right at home with cottage decor.

All of these frames have been marked down to just $5.00 for any size.  Mats are included.

You can find rugs here in lots of shapes, styles and colors.  These cowhide rugs are showing up everywhere and start at about $80. 

A recent issue of House Beautiful shows a cowhide draped over the back of a settee

In this photo, the homeowner/designer uses a cowhide as a tablecloth.  Not sure how I would feel about food being served on a cowhide rug, but is sure looks great!

Here is a cowhide being used as a rug.  They wear quite well and require very little care.

The rug in this photo is a cowhide mosaic. Would you believe they have one just like this at Southeastern Salvage?  Sorry, didn't get a photo of it but it is suspended above the rug area. 

Cutting edge design can be found in the most unlikely places!!