A First!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This ...

... is the first thing my daughter sees when she walks into her room.  It's her prom dress and tonight she will go to her very first prom!  Is she excited?  She must be, because all of her other clothes look like this ...

Notice the difference?  So much excitement.  There's the dress, and then these shoes

and her boyfriend surprised her with these earrings ...

She is 17 years old and has loved this color since she was a little girl, long before it became as popular is it is now.

So here I sit on the morning of her very first prom feeling one of those huge emotions that don't have a name. You know that feeling when you're half happy and half sad and you don't know which one is winning and the tears come out anyway?  Yeah, that's the one.  

The happy is that she is an amazing human being who is growing stronger and more independent every day.  She is a beautiful woman/ child physically but her real beauty is found inside.  She is good and kind and generous and all of the things you hope and pray your child will be.

The sad is Ohmygosh what has happened to all the time I thought I had with her?  It's also that she IS growing more independent every day, which means each day she needs me a little less.   It's funny because my brain has always known that this was going to happen but my heart feels totally unprepared for it!

So what's a Mom to do?  I'm going to try and be brave and embrace the happy and share in the joy and excitement I know she is feeling right now.

And in that spirit, I have selected some rooms that I think reflect her love of the color turquoise (with some sparkle for her shiny personality)!


This one reminds me of the boyfriend's tux, all black & white with a hit of turquoise.

All images from the stellar House of Turquoise

Have an amazing weekend and give your kids an extra hug!!!

Just Because

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

... it's beautiful!

I have had this image stored on my computer for a long time and I don't know where it came from!  If you know, please advise so I can give credit where it's due.

Thanks and happy Humpday!

P.S.  If you are passionate about purple,then you must check out The Zhush, where this regal color is featured beautifully!

So Easy It's Embarrassing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

So I had some extra time this weekend (which is sometimes a dangerous thing) ...

and I starting thinking (another dangerous thing!) ...

I went out to the garage where these had been languishing for over a year ..

There's a set of four all like this

Seat cushions are needlepoint (badly stained).  The whole vibe is kinda granny chic, but I wanted to make them a bit more sophisticated, soooo, after a bit of sanding, I chose one of these...

I have had this fabric for nine years!!  It's called "Tamarind Tree" and it is by Greef. I  love  chinoiserie prints!!!!

Out came the staple gun 

Note to self: Look for a cute pink staple gun

Here is really interesting shot I took of the underside of the seat cushion after I stapled it in place.  Wow.  Please note I did save the original needlepoint underneath - in case some day some one wants to clean it up and revive it.

No other tools were misused in the makover of these chairs - in fact the cushions just pop out because they sit on top of this frame ..

So here is a shot of the finished project (picture 4 of them)

I would call that a pretty good weekend!!!

Hope yours was great too!!

P.S.  Take the time to visit Monkey Grass Hill, a fun blog I recently discovered. There is lots of great stuff here and a handmade jewelry giveaway!  (gorgeous!)

Chair Affairs

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It always starts innocently enough.  Spotted from across the room, attracted by the beautiful shape!  Then what starts as an innocent attraction spirals into a full blown obsession!  Can't stop thinking about it.  I want to take it home and have my way with it.  Oh, I want to see it in so many different fabrics.  My head is spinning - should I do it with the pink ikat, or that sumptuous lime green velvet  or how about one of those sporty graphic prints in a bright kelly green?  And then there are the trims - brass nail heads or contrast welting - (sigh!)  I'm tormented.  

She demands so little yet gives so much!  Need extra seating for an impromptu dinner party?  She is willing to help!

Looking for a quiet spot to do some reading in the bedroom?  She will welcome you with open arms!

How about a perch in the bathroom that just makes you feel sexier?

She never demands a big commitment.  Consider the sofa.  All of that measuring and those bland practical and neutral fabrics.  Not my chair- she takes so little fabric and is so easy to upholster - sometimes I can do it all by myself! (I love that!)

Thank you Tobi Fairley! (via All the Best)

Annsley McAleer

Each of these has seduced me:
Conservatory chair from Anthropologie

Astrid from Anthropologie

Azure chair from Crate and Barrel

Adorable! and practically free from Urban Outfitters (some assembly required :) )

Precious chair, my love grows for you every day!

4 Bridges Art Festival

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I went to the First Tennessee Pavilion to admire all of the beautiful artwork that was on display at the 4 Bridges Art Festival.  This year's festival was a landmark - the 10th anniversary!   Kudos to ava for their ongoing commitment to bringing the best of the arts to Chattanooga, even in these troubling economic times.  

Not long ago, Maria Killam's beautiful  blog, Colour Me Happy featured a post where she selected art  that she loved followed by images of rooms where she would like to place said art. You can read her post here.  I thought it was such a great and inspiring post that I'll have a go at it myself,  using photos of the art pieces I loved most from the 4 Bridges Festival.  

I'm crazy about dog portraits.  This one is big, bold and whimsical and is by Dana Lise Shavin, a Chattanooga-based artist. Sorry about the flash reflection ...

Wouldn't this portrait be great in here?

or here

I am also a fan of Chattanooga artist Lisa Norris.  Her dress pattern collages are simple, feminine and fresh.  Here  are a few pieces she had on display at the 4 Bridges Festival.

Love this one!  Maybe in here..

Lisa also handcrafts beautiful books

You can buy the books at blue skies on Frazier Ave.

There was great photography by Kyle Spears

Either one of his pieces would work in here

Nashville artist's Cindy Wunsch work is colorful and whimsical.

Stephanie's work above or below in  here

Artist Clay Binkley uses salvaged materials to create his art.  Love these mirrors..

This one is made of recycled tractor metal and reminds me of this mirror used in Ruthie Sommers' design here

It was love at first sight when I spied Robin Anne Cooper's creations. All of her art is made from canvas pieces and is fun, colorful and extraordinary.  Check these out

but these are amazing

This one in here


In person, this is reads as black- must be the flash reflecting off of the canvas pieces, so squint real hard and imagine it blacker.  I'm putting it in here

Hope that was as fun for you as it was for me!   As a sidebar, those incredibly fabulous black & white lamps look familiar to me ...

Yep, those are the same Tar-Jay lamps that are in my dining room!

Hope you have your best week ever!