Stray Dog Found in Chattanooga

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Cookie cutters are for cookies, not furniture." - Stray Dog Designs

If you are not familiar with Stray Dog Designs, you will be absolutely captivated by their artisan made home furnishings and accesssories.  The company was started by native Chattanoogans Jane Gray and her husband Bill Pritchard.  While on a honeymoon trip to Mexico, they discovered hand-made home accessories crafted by local artists that they imported to the U.S. to launch their now nationally renowned business. Working closely with local artists, designer Jane Gray creates her own designs and has these same artists produce them for Stray Dog Designs.  The hand-made accessories are produced in both Mexico and Haiti. 

Stray Dog merchandise is not only beautiful but it is also environmentally responsible.  These hand-crafted accessories and furnishings are made from and shipped in recycleable materials and are finished with low VOC paints.

Are you feeling the love now?  You will feel even more love when you learn that they named their company after LaPrincessa, a stray dog they rescued while on that fateful honeymoon trip in Mexico. And, they have set up a Haitian relief fund to help their friends and colleagues in Haiti.

Want to learn more?  Go to and support your local artists!

I have lamp lust for a pair of these Doug Buffet Lamps. Also available in green!

Tweet! How fun is this lamp finial?

Meet Ferdinand.  All accessories are available in white and an assortment of vibrant colors selected by designer Jane Gray.

Yes, this is a deer head embellished with flowers.  Bet you won't see this hanging on your neighbor's wall!

This piece is exceptionally versatile.  Use it for occasional seating, a side table or display pedestal.

I would love these in fun color on a dining room table or perched on a bookcase.

(Images above with permission from Stray Dog Designs website.)

Here are some Stray Dog accessories in action:


Here is Stay Dog's iconic artichoke lamp in the lounge of HGTV's Green Home.

Another great Stray Dog lamp. 

Bedside pendant lamps are from Stray Dog.

This is my stray dog Pepper.  She usually looks happier than this but she is riding out a scary thunderstorm in her "safe place."