When Sofas Don't Match

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A few weeks ago I met with a client that was looking for some assistance in  furnishing a very large family room.  During our meeting he told me how much he liked the Kensington leather Chesterfield sofa from Restoration Hardware.

He got no resistance from me - I quickly agreed that this was a great statement piece and certainly worthy of building a room upon. 

Given the generous dimensions of the family room, I suggested we add another sofa to help fill up the space and provide plenty of seating for the family and friends who would gather here. Rather than go with a matching sofa, I suggested something clean and understated that would be compatible without  competing with the leather Chesterfield.

I love the slipcovered version, and I recommended a linen slipcover for the warmer months and velvet for fall and winter.

The idea of having two sofas in the same room that are completely different can be a little tough to sell. After all, many of us were raised in homes that had living room, dining room, and bedroom "suits".  Why?  Instead, consider non-matching sofas for a layered and collected look.

Does this qualify as the same room?  In any case, note black leather sofa sharing space with white fabric sofa.

This is what I'm talking about.  Have I convinced you that opposite sofas attract?  Or are you already a member of the Mixed over Matched club? 

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What's Your Tolerance for Marsala

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey what do you think about Pantone's choice for the color of the year for 2015?   It's Marsala, or as we common folk call it - burgundy.  I personally have nothing against this color but I think their choice is strange because my mind always goes to the burgundy of 1992.

Who else sees this when they think of burgundy Marsala?

Well, the truth is you can use Marsala and have it look chic and current.  Perhaps you prefer your Marsala in small doses.

Now that's not so scary.  I rather like that rich burgundy against the white slipcovers.  It's a welcome change from the obligatory turquoise, gray or black & white geometric that's getting so tired. And I kind of feel like burgundy and velvet are made for each other.

Ok here's a bold burgundy statement on a modern chair in an otherwise neutral space.  I like this Marsala.  And it's in velvet. It's a winner for me.

Can you even handle this gorgeous room with that sofa??   Burgundy. Velvet.  Pink walls. And that gold leaf coffee table is so pretty against the Marsala sofa. This is a home run for me!

So what do you think?  Does Marsala has its place in 2015 or do you prefer it stay in the 90's (and earlier).

The Green Room Interiors provides Interior Decorating and Design Services in Chattanooga, TN.  If you'd like to discover the joy of living in a well designed home,contact Kim Lemmon at 423.653.3186 or email thegreenroominteriors@gmail.com

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Well hello 2015!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Meet my New Year's Resolution:

Every day! Easy enough.

I don't necessarily make traditional resolutions every year but I do have a list of things I'd like to accomplish and have committed to taking the steps to make these things happen.  My list looks like this so far:

1.  Update my portfolio.  It's been my privilege to work on some great projects with some wonderful clients this past year and I plan to have the most dramatic makeovers professionally photographed and added to the portfolio on my website.

2.  Get published.  At least locally.  Once said projects have been photographed I plan to submit them to a few of my favorite local publications.

3.  Continue to grow my presence locally.  (See #2)  Also - I'm so excited to share with you that I just signed a lease on a new space a few days ago!!  It's small booth (8x10) but I plan to stage it in a way that reflects my design aesthetic.  All the pieces in my booth will be for sale and I'm hoping to recreate the space every season (winter, spring, summer and fall) with new finds and a whole new look.  My husband and I have worked together on several projects this year (he builds banquettes, book cases, does planks walls, trim carpentry, etc.) and so we'll also be featuring some of his work in the booth too. The goal is get more leads for both of us and to continue to grow the business. My lease begins Feb 1 so the next few weeks are going to be hectic!  I already know what pieces I'm using for the initial staging and now we have to make it all happen while keeping up with our existing workload/s.

I'll definitely be sharing booth progress and  ideas and asking advice here over the next few weeks so I do hope you'll check back in and help me make some decisions.

So that's at the top of my to-do list for 2015.  That, and try at least a few of those 84 new recipes I found on Pinterest over the holidays.

I hope you all had a happy holiday season and I hope you'll continue to check in with me and follow my progress.  Happy New Year!