An Open Letter to My Potential Clients

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Amazing Potential Client,

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for the (potential) opportunity to work with you in what is most likely your biggest financial investment - your home.  I believe that your home should be your most special, most favorite place on earth.  I also understand that it takes a pretty big leap of faith to put your trust in someone else to create a haven that reflects your personality, and I get how scary and how overwhelming the whole process seems to be.

Here are my suggestions to help you get the most out of our relationship.

1.  Get me involved in the process as early as possible.  The best possible outcome will be realized if we start working together in the planning stages, and certainly before any paint goes on the walls or any new purchases are made.

2.  If there is a significant other, let's make sure they're involved from the beginning as well.  It's a waste of our time and your money for us to come up with something you love but he/she hates.  If both parties have input from the beginning - even if you don't share the same style, the entire process will work more efficiently.

3.  I'm sure you've heard the expression, "If you love it, it will work".  While there is some truth to this statement, it's not without limits. As in, "I fell in love with this comfy, overstuffed dark brown leather sofa AND I want a light and airy space that reminds me of my perennial garden in the spring". Now I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, but clearly this would be a huge obstacle to creating the feel you're working toward.  (Refer back to #1.)

4.  It's okay with me if you want to take the slow approach.   In fact, if you don't have a lot of money set aside for decorating, you'll get better results if you decorate over time.   I work with several clients who are decorating their homes over time - as long as a few years to complete a room.  We're making changes and adding things as their time and budgets allow.  The key is to have a design plan to guide us through the process (refer back to #1 again).

5.  Trust me! This is tough for a lot of people - and I get how hard this is - but give up a little control and let me do what I do. It's my job and my area of expertise to visualize your space in a big picture sort of way, so let me lead you a few steps out of your comfort zone. Whatever it is you're unsure of  will make sense in the end.

6.  Be realistic about your budget.  This doesn't mean we're going all high end everything.  Quite the opposite. But there are some pieces that are worthy of a bigger investment.  Like the sofa the entire family will be lounging upon. And we'll want to include a few custom items.  Nothing elevates those thrifty finds like professionally made window treatments and a few beautifully made pillows in special fabrics. (Refer back to #4).

And finally, have fun with it!  Decorating your home should be an exciting and fulfilling process, so relax and enjoy the ride!

Happy Decorating, and I'm looking forward to working with you soon!

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Raina Cox said...

An absolutely excellent post/open letter!!

Price Style & Design said...

You have an amazing eye and incredible talent! I have always loved your style! Wish we lived closer to eachother! Cheers!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great advice!!! You will actually save your clients money!

Kim said...

Perfectly Stated!

Unknown said...

Well spoken, Kim! I tell my clients very similar things, and it saves some headache down the road. I have run into some control freaks over the past year that have really compromised the project, so that "trust" think is really huge! Glad to see you doing well!

Karena said...

Kim this is why you are such a super interior designer! All great thoughts and suggestions, a must!

The Arts by Karena

Unknown said...

It is great to put this in writing!!' These are things we think of and know to be true but the clients don't necessarily- well spoken Kim! Xo


Well said sister!

Holly Gruszka said...

PREACH IT!!!! I've jumped in on a few projects recently and I'm thinking to myself "oh why didn't you call me sooner....before you painted the house before you moved in and had no plan, no color plan, nothing - just chose a color" I love this post Kim!!