When Sofas Don't Match

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A few weeks ago I met with a client that was looking for some assistance in  furnishing a very large family room.  During our meeting he told me how much he liked the Kensington leather Chesterfield sofa from Restoration Hardware.

He got no resistance from me - I quickly agreed that this was a great statement piece and certainly worthy of building a room upon. 

Given the generous dimensions of the family room, I suggested we add another sofa to help fill up the space and provide plenty of seating for the family and friends who would gather here. Rather than go with a matching sofa, I suggested something clean and understated that would be compatible without  competing with the leather Chesterfield.

I love the slipcovered version, and I recommended a linen slipcover for the warmer months and velvet for fall and winter.

The idea of having two sofas in the same room that are completely different can be a little tough to sell. After all, many of us were raised in homes that had living room, dining room, and bedroom "suits".  Why?  Instead, consider non-matching sofas for a layered and collected look.

Does this qualify as the same room?  In any case, note black leather sofa sharing space with white fabric sofa.

This is what I'm talking about.  Have I convinced you that opposite sofas attract?  Or are you already a member of the Mixed over Matched club? 

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Vel Criste said...

Knowing you Kim, I have no doubts you can pull it off. I may still need help though since I think similar sofas, be it in color of at least fabric, would be easier for me to put together. But I'm loving all your examples here.

Unknown said...

My sofas don't match either...on purpose, but it's a hard sell with clients for sure. Thanks for the post...now I can show them several examples of how great it looks!

Carol said...

I love both of those sofa's and they compliment each other beautifully. Love that there are not a lot of loose back cushions to look messy.

We are trying to decide on new flooring in our Ski condo in Vt. for the hallway kitchen/dining/living room area.
We are tearing up really old carpeting and vinyl linoleum and want a really durable floor material that also looks nice. It's an open floor plan and would be nice if we could use the same material so it looks larger and it flows well. What would hold up really well? We try to take ski boots and shoes off in entry hall but sometimes rent out the unit so can't control what other people do. How would engineered wood floor do in these
Floor is on the cold side so carpet is nice underfoot but feel like things hide in there and would not be the greatest idea for grandkids with allergy issues.
Could put down area rug where kids would sit in living room area. We are planning to paint 70's panelling and might go with BM Revere Pewter. We do get a lot of light in the unit.

Would vinyl wood flooring look good and hold up? We have visited a few different flooring stores but every one has a different suggestion.
We need to put carpeting on the stairs going up to a sleeping loft area. Shaw carpet was recommended but went online and there were so many negative comments. I feel like I am going in circles.
Maybe you have had clients who have put down some flooring and you have received great feedback.
Any suggestions would be so helpful.
What to do, What to do?

Any interest in taking a vacation on Bromley Mtn, VT. ? Great spot for three seasons. We could barter your services for mountain top vacation. Can't hurt to ask right?

Anyway, love what you do and really enjoy the blog. Happy New Year!!
Carol Bayersdorfer

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Hi Kim, LOVE your choices together. I love different, that's my vote!

Town and Country Gals said...

love the 2 sofas you picked! I haven't seen this idea anywhere before but I have had 2 different sofas in my family room for a few years and was not sure it was really a good thing. You have such a great design sense so if you think it's ok, then I did the right thing!!

Fran said...

Great post, Kim! I am helping my SIL decorate her family room and I just convinced her to get the RH belgian track arm slipcovered sofa. It was a hard sell b/c it is a pretty penny. Now, comes the challenge of decorating the room around the new RH sofa with the older/beat down love seat. There isn't enough $$ in the budget for two new sofas, but your post has my wheels turning….Thanks!

Dianne said...

Love them unmatched. Lauren Leiss did this beautifully in her own home. Your client should listen to you and he will not be led astray. Love everything you do!

StagerLinda said...

Amen! Thank you for this post. My sofas don't match. I've fought it for years but now love the look. I've pulled it together with art and pillows and am now happy with it. Getting clients to buy the look would be a daunting task!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You are right. Looks collected. I always love two facing sofas too.

Kim said...

I'm a full fledged member of the Mix-Match Club! Way to go ... I hope the client can see your vision!! He better if he wants it right!! xokim

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think I really like the mix!

Christine said...

HI! I think I found you via Pinterest. :)

I grew up in a home where matching was for socks. Evidently my mother was way ahead of her time, but our furniture pieces were individually interesting, but cohesive as a whole.

I can't imagine furnishings or artwork in any other way -- although my (former) in-laws told me that someday, I'd be able to afford a ... suit. Even the word! [shudder]

These pics are lovely and peaceful. Some place I'd feel so comfortable just sitting and zoning.

designchic said...

I must confess that my sense of symmetry leans to matching sofas, but these are amazing examples!