Kimberly Lemmon

"Your home is your second skin, and the environment you create is an extension of yourself - your ultimate self portrait." - Celerie Kemble


I'm an Interior Decorator and the founder of The Green Room Interiors in Chattanooga, TN and it's my pleasure to bring comfort and beauty to the homes of my clients. I have a talent for crafting highly personalized spaces that feel collected and authentic. I love to mix design styles, high and low ticket items, and family heirlooms. I think every room benefits from having something organic and a bit of whimsy. And above all, I think that your home should make you happy!

My obsession with creating beautiful interiors started when my and husband Lindsay and I began to furnish our first tiny apartment as newlyweds. Lindsay is a knowledgeable and talented contractor and we have worked together on everything from new home construction to historic home restorations. We have a long history and a passion for creating beautiful homes. Our company, Southern Historical Homes was a major contributor to the revitalization efforts of Chattanooga's downtown neighborhoods. Working on these treasured historic homes reaffirmed my love for traditional design, but I think it's important to keep things fresh by layering in design elements with a modern edge.

Today Lindsay and I are bringing the best of our talent, knowledge and experience to homeowners in the Chattanooga area through The Green Room Interiors. I welcome the opportunity to help with everything from simple decor updates to full scale design and renovation projects. Lindsay's pride in a job well done is evident in every project he touches, and his attention to detail will be appreciated long after the job is finished.

If you have a decorating or home improvement project you've been thinking about, give us a call at 423.653.3186 or email

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