Would you believe Wal-Mart.com??

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

   The other day I was surfing around the web in search of a small-scale coffee table for a client's formal living room and I nearly fell out of my chair when this image appeared on my screen!

Pretty spectacular, right?  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find something so chic and so current from the same place that I buy my dog food, paper towels and about a bizillion other mundane items, but it's true! This brings my Wal-Mart love/hate conflict to a whole new level.

So, I thought if I could find this at Wal-Mart (.com), what else is out there I have been missing?  

Do what you must - I'm not here to judge.

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Kathysue said...

OMGosh Kim this is amazing. Isn't it funny if you had not written Walmart everyone would have thought a much higher end store. I peruse their web-site from time to time and have found a few treasures myself. Love this post.Kathysue
PS great research on your part!!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

OMG, you did find some great things! That table is fab and the blue and white rug makes me want to head over to the site right now! But, I need to go to bed;-)

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

these are great finds, especially the zebra bench and the mirror! holla walmart!!

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

I used to post a weekly want from Walmart, haven't in a while, looks like I should bring it back.

Unknown said...

Seeing as we don't have a walmart over here in Aus....I am thinking it must be something similar to Kmart? anyway I have to say if you didn't tell me where those were from, I would have thought they were from some new hip chic store, that still isn't in Aus.;>

Angela Duke said...

That Zebra bench did NOT come from Wal Mart haha!! LOVE IT!! I'm about to go find that piece because that HAS to be a great find!! Thanks for posting!!

The girl in the brick house said...

What finds - shame Walmart is not in Oz. Jane

this free bird said...


All of that stuff?? Even that blue lamp?

wow. i'm kind of speechless. and that's not like me.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I think they have other suppliers for their website, the stuff on the site is far superior to what's in stores! Awesome finds! XX!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love everything you showed! I'll be checking it out today, probably placing an order. Thanks for sharing!


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Karen said...

Have you seen any of these in person? Just wondering how the quality we see in the images on our screens compares to the real thing. I've been fooled by Wal-Mart before, LOL!

Sharon Brown said...

Wow! I ordered an upholstered headboard to slipcover from Walmart and picked it up yesterday. I haven't unpackaged it yet. I'll blog about it when I do though to let you know what I think. I really, really like Walmart's Site to Store delivery too since it eliminates having to pay delivery fees.

Karla said...

I am totally loving that bench!

Anonymous said...

WOW... great finds!


kayce hughes said...

If that is a blue and white rug I want it!

Dovecote Decor said...

I'm looking at the zeb ottoman in shock! Hidden in plain sight!

Unknown said...

Wow, what has this planet come to? Wal-mart...I think they are headed to world domination.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

That zebra bench is really cool!

Pemberley said...

Those are great finds. I carry that first table on my retail website. I looked all over the Walmart site to see a price comparison but could not find it. Do you remember what they called it? Never know what you will find at Walmart or Kmart for that matter!!

Privet and Holly said...

I know what you
mean about love/hate.
While I love it
that WM makes great
design options available
at affordable prices,
I hate that almost
everything, furniture-
wise, is made in
China and that when
I discover something
made in the USA, it
feels like I should
be sending up fireworks
and dancing in the
streets, as it has
become so rare. I
think I'd rather hold
out for something
that is made in the
I never say never!
xx Suzanne

Fargerike Dagny said...

That's from walmart??? Holy Hannah!!

Thank you for your super sweet comment!! Have a fabulous weekend!


My Interior Life said...

What??!! Great finds at WM. Who knew?