Down to the Details - Hardware

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Not too long ago I blogged about some easy details you can change or add to your existing pieces to give them a more custom look. You can read that post here.  When I'm shopping for furniture for clients, my booth or my own home, I'm attracted to pieces with great hardware.

 Case and point - the credenza in my family room.  When I bought it at a resale shop, it was wearing a very dull and very 1970's brownish gold wood stain finish.  I knew the piece had great lines and I already l loved the hardware, so all it needed was a fresh coat of shiny black paint. 

I also bought a pair of these nighstands for my master bedroom because I fell in love with the drawer pulls. You can read about their makeover here.
Here's a thrift store jewelry box I bought because of the lions head pulls and the nail head trim..  

And holy wow, we can't forget the original over-the-top brass hardware on my front doors. Which is not to say we bought the house because of the front door hardware, we'll just call it an added bonus. 

Here's a much larger version of some lion head pulls. Outstanding against the black doors!  Image from Bijou and Boheme

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

The first thing that caught my eye in this image was the brass hardware. 

Did you already see this bathroom from Brian Patrick Flynn? He cleverly used door knockers as cabinet hardware. 

Surely I'm not the only one who bought a piece of furniture because of the hardware. Have you ever done that?

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Ashley said...

As far as I'm concerned, hardware can make or break a piece. But, unlike other elements, it can easily be changed!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I am with you on this one. I would also understand if you did buy your home because of the hardware ;)

Matters of Style said...

Love your pieces! And yes, I have def bought for hardware before!

charmaine said...

Love a good hardware! What paint color is your door?! I love it!

Emily | Recently said...

I'm an absolute sucker for a good piece of hardware! They seem harder and harder to come by these days too.

Splendid Sass said...

It is fabulous to find a piece with gorgeous hardware. I am not usually that lucky, but you certainly are. You always find the most beautiful things, and these pieces are so pretty.
Happy Tuesday.

Brandy@MAKE+MODEL said...

A girl after my own heart. I love good hardware. I'm so jealous of your front door. I've been looking for brass hardware like Barrie Benson's front door but no luck so far.

Cris Angsten said...

I think there is more to point out in that last picture. The cabinet is nothing to write home about, but paint it an unusual color and give it some great hardware, and a humble cabinet becomes something awesome.

Brittany Simmons said...

agreed- love great hardware! but i'm also loving that pink sink!!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Hardware can really take a piece from ho-hum to outstanding, and it is such an easy fix.

Town and Country Gals said...

the hardware is the icing on the cake! It can so give a piece that little added oomph or pizazz that just completes it, (yes, you complete me)! Couldn't resist that!
Your pieces are fabulous, you do such great job always!

decorayadora said...

Que bueno el post de manillas

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

what an awesome roundup of great hardware. i love caseware with great fittings! and doors!

Haus and Home said...

I have never seen door knockers used as handles...definitely different.