Seashells after summer?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summertime always makes me think of family trips to the beach and going shelling!  At least once a day, we walk the beach with our eyes cast on the surf to find unbroken seashells to clean up and bring home - although what happens to them after that is a mystery :(

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Now that summer has reached its unofficial end, does that mean it's time to remove all signs of seashells from your decor?

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So clever to use this giant clam shell as a vessel to hold the sea sponges!

Image from Southern Accents

Image from here

Although seashells do conjure up memories of long summer days at the beach, I kind of love them year-round.  How about you, do you pack up your seashells when summer's over?

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The Vintique Object said...

I agree that they should be left out year round. While I don't have any seashells to display, I do have driftwood and several sea inspired paintings that don't get put away when summer's over. Things from the sea are always beautiful!

My Interior Life said...

I think it depends on your decor. I think they're so pretty any time of year. I really want an acrylic clam shell and I would proudly display it anytime!

Splendid Sass said...

I am ready for Fall, but the shells can stay!
Hope that you are having a great labor day evening, Kim!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I have a small bowl of shells that I keep out year round. I think it's fine but may be a different story if it's one of those larger clam shells.

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

I am a half and half, I change my bowls that they go in....more rustic for the fall and more glass for the summer.

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I am all about them year round! I think it adds such a natural and relaxing touch...and a bit of whimsy as you are not expecting to see seashells in December! Take care, Caroline

casey at loft and cottage said...

Hmm, I always pack mine up but would love to leave them out year round. I just love the natural look and the casual feel they bring. Maybe if I lived near the shore I'd feel more justified! Instead in fall and winter it should be all pinecones and cranberries around here!

kayce hughes said...

Year round!

Town and Country Gals said...

I love sea shells and have them out all summer but I do put them up the end of August.
For fall and winter, I go more rustic with pinecones, berries and wood. I also change out my white ironstone bowls for vintage wood bowls and trays. I'm really ready for a change by then but when summer comes back around, I can't wait to get them out!

Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I don't pack them up, but I wonder if it's weird for me to have them since I'm nowhere near a beach. I bought some great ones at an estate sale :)

Kellie Collis said...

I couldn't agree more. Love seeing them around especially the ones in huge sizes. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

Mary said...

I vote for year round! If you love something and it conjures up joyous memories, why shouldn't you look at it all year long?! (However, this isn't a rule that should be applied to say. . . Christmas decor! Ha ha!)