One Room Challenge Fall 2016 - Week 2 - Home Office Plan

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yay!  You're back to see what I have in store for my home office I'm making over as part of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge. We're on the second week of a six-week room makeover sharing our progress each and every Thursday.

Let's take a super quick look at a single before photo of this sad little bedroom on the verge of it's transformation.

How did I let it get to this point you ask?  Well, this room was once used by my youngest daughter as her bedroom.  I allowed her to pick her own paint color.  It's pretty intense.   Anyhoo, oldest daughter moved out of her more highly coveted upstairs bedroom, youngest daughter claims upstairs bedroom as her own, Mom takes over youngest daughter's former bedroom to use as an office.

It wasn't perfectly executed.  It started with a desk followed by a large serving of procrastination.  Are you amazed I can crank out gorgeous interiors for other people in this space?

Anyhow, I have a list of needs that I want to address.  Form follows function and all.

1.  Storage. Stuff is all over the floor because I have no other place to put it. That fabulous bifold door closet is going to be outfitted with new shelves. The wide shelves should be perfect for rolls of fabric and accessories that are awaiting installation day.  Just need to get the hubs on board with that little project - my  most challenging task!
2.  Work space.  I'm going with two work spaces. One will be a desk with computer, printer and all of my files.  The second work space will be a big table that I can use to lay out fabrics, view wallpapers, etc.
3.  The pretty. Bring some. Stat. I'm envisioning a sophisticated, feminine space that's feels collected, happy but not too busy or overly decorated.

Here's a screenshot of the layout.  Sorry for the poor image quality. It's late and I'm having trouble with this old blogger website.  Screenshot courtesy of my iphone.

So basically we're talking two work stations on opposing walls (one of them in front of a big double window), a love seat that sits between some heavy duty industrial shelving, and more storage shelves inside the former closet. Got it?

Good because now we're going to talk about the pretty.  I'm feeling particularly inspired by the color palette of this lovely space by Mark D Sikes recently seen in House Beautiful -

And also this pretty living room by Angie Hranowsky.

And yet. Neither one of these is an office but I'm all over the color palettes.  The soft lavender walls feel fresh and somehow calming and energizing at the same time. I've been dying to work with lavender for the longest time and I've hired myself to do just that.

Also there will be a heavy dose of vintage. Some items have been purchased just for this space and others will be pulled out of my own inventory.

Here's how I'm hoping it will all come together when it's all said and done.

There are already hurdles.  The rug I planned to use  is back ordered until the first week of November.  That's pretty darn close to reveal day, so I'm keeping my feelers out in hopes of finding a proper substitute. I'm also waffling a little on using such a large and primarily red rug.  I want to get a room sized rug and that's a whole lot of red.  Maybe too much?  I'm a little nervous about it.

AND - I'm still undecided about chairs.  I found a few vintage prospects but haven't made a final decision on those. I do like the modern femininity of the ghost chairs, so I'm keeping that option at the top of the list.

One thing I'm convinced will happen is a little bit of Designers Guild Orangerie fabric.  It's a showstopper and it could come in as pillows or upholstery for the desk chairs.

So gorgeous - I can't wait to get my hands on this!

So now you know.  I can't promise my room will be exactly as it appears in my mood board but I'm pretty happy with the direction and I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds along the way.

Next week I'll share some more details and about the individual selections and I'll share my new paint color. It's on the walls now and it already feels like a completely different space. Paint changes everything doesn't it?

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