Color Coded Christmas

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you remember when Christmas was usually done in red in green?

Even though we often still think of red and green as the traditional colors of the season, Christmas truly comes in every color!
Have a thing for purple?  

Source: via Koshina on Pinterest

I read somewhere that blue is America's favorite color.  Why not use it at Christmas, too?

I love the citrus colors Tobi Fairley used on her Christmas tree.  Would you decorate with orange and lime and lemon yellow at Christmas?

Or what about just black and white?

All great looks, agreed?  I'd love to know your Christmas colors this year!

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Unknown said...

Yes, I love the non-traditional colors at Christmas. This year I started with pink - you know, the color of the year and in honor of our new baby (granddaughter) and then added red (nothing like pink and red!) and then added yellow - I think it is my favorite so far! Funny but I have never done red and green! Love your examples!

Unknown said...

I love using untraditional colors. To me it is more festive and fun!

Splendid Sass said...

These are such beautiful images. Thank you for sharing.

Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I went with purple and silver in one room. I tried to go pink and green in another. the hubs believes it should all be the "classic red and green". I love mixing it up!

Merry Christmas Kim!

My Interior Life said...

I'm all about using what colors you've got in your home. I still tend to use red and green a lot though, but I think that's because they work in my space. But I do alter it in different rooms. My dining room is silver and gold.

Dovecote Decor said...

Well, I do have a color theme, but my house is colorful, so I can do anything. This year my World Market papers are working with the orange, purples and reds. I know it sounds weird, but the best things are indescribable. When I see highly themed color trees, though, it smacks of a shop versus a home--a bit commercial. Trees grow organically,over time, with memories, kid's ornaments and other little mementos. What, are you going to edit, that?

Abby M. Interiors said...

These are all beautiful. Tobi's is my favorite, but I'm not sure I could do the "black and white". I've done a mix of metallic the last couple years and I'm still loving it!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Silver and gold for me! It is the easiest way to blend my Christmas decorations with the rest of the decor & colors in my house.

Jenny Castle Design said...

I love these ideas! Next year I'm taking on a whole new color scheme for Christmas!

Special 'K' said...

Gold for me! But oh, so love the purple tree you featured. I am so glad I found your special place here. Thanks for sharing. I will follow on my way out so as I would love to visit again. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place and do the same. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to engaging and supporting your blog in the New Year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Mary said...

I love that second image with the purple Christmas decor. . . hmmmm, maybe I'll do an all purple theme next year! Merry Christmas, hope you have a wonderful holiday!