One Room Challenge Week 6 - Home Office Reveal

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Better late than never they say. And I agree!  After 6 torturous weeks of self doubt and indecision, I'm pleased to report I got my room finished up and photographed a little earlier today. A big thank you to Wagner Abercrombie for working me into her schedule so handily and for getting the photos back to me lickety split.

Rather than starting off with the pathetic before photos of my room, here's a look at the moodboard and overall aesthetic I was going for in my home office makeover:
 Or something like this anyway.  Goodness knows there were a thousand iterations of that mood board.

Here are the dreadful befores.

Clearly lack of storage and organization are the biggest issues.  And then there's the fugly factor.

Fast forward to today and the painting, hand wringing and insomnia are now a thing of the past.

Lavender may seem like a strange choice for a home office, but I honestly couldn't love it more. Specifically, it's Benjamin Moore Touch of Gray.  In the spirit of full disclosure, when the paint first went up I was really questioning my choice.  But like I tell my clients, you have to wait until the room is done before you freak out about the paint color.  Once the layers start getting added it becomes less and less about the paint color. So I took my own advice and forged ahead -  and I'm so glad I saw it through.

So I do like me some vintage furniture.  The French table is a local antique mall find.  It's in perfect condition and has a snazzy parquet top that is a little hard to see in this image. The lucite chandelier is a favorite design element.  I found it a few months ago at Scott's in Atlanta.

Perfect condition and I got it for a song.  It truly transformed the space once it was in place.

The shelves are good old Home Depot garage shelves, made fancy with a few cans of Rustoleum spray paint in Gold. Lavender storage boxes are from Target.  I bought every one in the city of Chattanooga and truthfully could use a few more!  The elephant is vintage and was in my inventory.  The loveseat is also vintage and was acquired from a sweet client who ordered all new furniture for her condo and no longer needed this one.  

Those gorgeous pillows above?  They're Designers Guild Orangerie, purchased through from Kimber at House of Pemberley.  She not only provided the Orangerie pillows and wallpaper for my closet, she also provided some great advice and unwavering support.  She's a good one.

The vintage rug is an ebay purchase.  It's a little scary buying something like that online but this one arrived in a matter of a few days and is squeaky clean.

Here's another photo to underscore my struggle with decision making for my own home.

Pillow game.  I changed it at least 68 times.

It's the Sophie's Choice of the decorating world.  Kind of breaks your heart to make a selection because you love both of them so.

I regret that we didn't get more photos of my new closet storage.  The Designers Guild metallic wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for the mix of fabrics and wallpapers I store here.  

Here's the other work station.  More functional than pretty I 'd say. I love my inspiration board.  I thought it would be hard to fill up but apparently I have more inspirational mementos than I realized.

Can you believe that after record breaking hot temperatures, no rain for almost 2 months straight, and my knockout roses are putting these blooms out in mid November?  

Granted, the chair's not much to look at but it's my husband's chair from his grandparents house and so it's got soul and serves as a magazine rack.  

Thank you for following along on my home office makeover journey. And thank  you Calling It Home,and House Beautiful for hosting this fun event!  

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Cassie Bustamante said...

it looks gorgeous! love the color mix and that chandelier is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I think it was well worth all of the work...your room looks fantastic! I love the great mix of fabrics and colors-it is perfectly pull together. Great work! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

Melanie @ The Painted Chandelier said...

Kim, I love everything! The rug, that chandelier, the bamboo chairs, those curtains and valance! You do color so beautifully. I would love spending time in this space and just might be more productive because of its lovely aesthetics. Lovely job!