A Few Updates at the Dollhouse

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello there!  I hope you're having a great summer so far, even though it seems to be passing by so quickly!

Today I wanted to share a few little updates we've managed to get done at over here at The Dollhouse.

Let's start big.  Unbeknownst to you my foyer has been nothing more than a plywood sub floor for some time now.

  I'm elated to report that over the weekend my hubby changed that situation for the better.

Yay!  And I think there's an opportunity for some sort of fun albeit small piece for the wall to the left, so I'll keep you posted when I find my love match. 

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I recently purchased this sketch from a local artist.

and I've incorporated it into this vignette in my family room.  It's getting increasingly hard to find places to put things at my house.  I have no book cases or  mantels and my rooms are narrow so I don't even have side tables in most cases.  It's a struggle for this collector, so I'm layering art where I can.

So what's next you ask?  I've got my sights set on the hall bath.  When we moved in we tore out the old linoleum flooring and the tub surround  and replaced all of that with new white tile. 

Nothing extravagant, but I wanted white tile to brighten up this dark space and make it feel cleaner.  I don't want to spill too many details about my plan for this lackluster space but I'm very excited about moving forward and I think it will be one of my very favorite makeovers at The Dollhouse.  

In the meantime, this 1970's wallpaper is being stripped 

and will be replaced with a Brunschwig & Fils kind of gorgeous.

and that's just the beginning.  Stay tuned, and if you'd like to stay updated with all things The Green Room Interiors, the best place to find me is on Instagram, so please follow along!

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So glad you not have a complete and finished floor in the foyer! Gonna crush big on that B&F wallpaper:)

Vel Criste said...

So many great things are happening in your home Kim! Can't wait to see it all done. Love that Sketch!

Fran said...

Love your floors and your staircase! Did you paint your banister and treads? I love the black. And, you can't go wrong with that bathroom tile - we used in our bath reno two houses ago! And, I love the wallpaper you chose! Hope you're having a a great summer!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Love the idea of layering. It makes for a lot of "interest".
Everything is looking great!!!

Unknown said...

I love your floors and stairs- great job. It is really coming along!!! Your wallpaper is going to be out of this world gorgeous..great selection! Good luck with it all. I'm happy for you! xo Nancy

Thehouseofhampton said...

I need to join instagram! But please keep posting. I find your work so inspirational, plus, I just enjoy seeing the changes...
What a difference that wood floor makes. High five your husband for me.

Unknown said...

Wow... LOVE all the improvements! You must be smiling from ear to ear :)
The new sketch is fab - love the vignette.


Looks amazing!! Keep it up ;)


Price Style & Design said...

Love your art layering! It looks fab!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Kim, you have done an amazing job on your home! The floor is beautiful, and the art, well you know I love it.
Can't wait to see more!

Holly Gruszka said...

Great choice on your tile for the hall bath - such a classic look. I'm in the same boat with my lateral space limitations. All I have is our mantel so I really play around with that a lot with art and accessories. And do you have any secrets for caring for your fern? I was holding onto hope for mine but it's gotten really sad. I was watering about once a week and it gets moderate light and the climate is consistent in our house.

StagerLinda said...

Adore your beautiful nude.(The highlights on her are so pretty.) I always lust that people have bookshelves to play with. Your layering looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see the new wall paper.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looking good! Love what you did...

My Notting Hill said...

Exciting changes! I know what you mean about having a harder time to find places for things.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You must love coming in the front door now!!!!
Looks great. Fresh tiles and gorgeous wall paper...It's all good!

maria at inredningsvis said...

What an AMAZING house :) I can move in tomorrow haha

Check out my new post....Inredningsvis Swedish summer vacation :)

I wish you a great autumn dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion