Regarding Million Dollar Decorators

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

With each week that passes, I become increasingly fascinated by this show. The big budgets, the bigger personalities, the demanding clients, the deadlines.  What's not to love?  Here are my observations so far...

1.  Martin Lawrence Bullard is actually growing on me.  After the first episode, I didn't think I could get past all the "Dahlings", "Deee lish uss" and the obnoxious name dropping. And then there was the apartment he put together for Sharon Osbourne.

Haven't we seen this before?

Tuesday's reveal was better, but I wasn't in love with the Jimmy Choo shoes and bags as art in those plexiglass boxes. 

I think it would have been much more effective to have the shoes and bags artfully photographed  and hung en masse.  

2.  I think Ross is stealing Jeffrey's thunder.  He's clearly more focused and it seems his most important role is keeping Jeffrey in line.  The more likable Ross becomes, the less tolerable Jeffrey is.  They are the Yin & Yang of MDD. 

3. What happened to Nathan Turner?  I had such high hopes for him as a little oasis of normalcy in this sea of craziness and he has nearly disappeared from the show! How about they show less Jeffrey learning how to make tarts and show more Nathan Turner ?

4.  I find Kathryn Ireland's eccentricities completely charming and I cannot wait for the reveal of the beach house project.  I adore Kathryn's cozy and comfortable style!

Image via Elle Decor

5. Here's something about Mary.  I've been a huge fan of Mary's work for years.  I remember the first time I saw her was on  HGTV's Kitty Bartholomew show in the 90's. She was less glamorous and more preppy back then, but she had that flair for the dramatic.   It was disheartening in the first episode to see her selfish reaction to the news of her client's divorce. The past few episodes haven't been as painful - for me she comes across as quirky rather than cold. 

For her office reveal, I think the addition of the French doors and the black paint on the windows and doors was lovely.  

I also noticed some similarities between Mary's office that was featured in Domino a few years back and the office space above. 

The layout is identical with the placement of the desk, two chairs, two lamps and art wall behind the desk. And what about the black & white photos of the ladies wearing hats as the center of the gallery wall(s)? The white desks with Chinoiserie details?  (okay, I like that one too).

Are you following the show?  My opinion on the projects and the decorators changes with every episode I watch.  What do you think?

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Unknown said...

It's definitely entertaining and I try to remember that it is edited for TV (trying to be less critical). I love watching these 'experts' in action and makes me feel much better about the small things that go wrong on my jobs when I see these guys having the same issues (remember that tiny little sink in the bathroom in the first (I think) episode? I didn't think I would like the show at first and find that I really look forward to the next episode.

Splendid Sass said...

I love the show too, Kim! As a matter of fact, I am addicted.
They all really got on my last nerve at first, but I have friends that are over the top at times, especially the artsy ones, so I am accustomed to some of that.
Mary is much more boisterous than I would have expected. There is no way I could work in that office. It appears to have too much movement. I am usually in love with Mary's work, but this was too busy. Can't please everyone all of the time.
Hope that all is well with you.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Hey girl! I love the show, too! I am quite entertained by everyones "over-the-top" personalities and demands. Its just a nice diversion from reality in a way. The decor is not always my style, but I love the details in Mary's spaces and I have yet to be super disappointed by any of Martin's work. I love his accent, too..

I hope you are doing well!


Abby M. Interiors said...

Hi Kim-
I'm not sure if you could tell, but we were on each other's blogs at the same time. :-)

I *hated* the show at first because of their attitudes, but now I look forward to it. I liked Mary's office, and could totally relate when she said that her clients didn't really know what they wanted...but she did. HA!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I found myself just waiting for Kathryn Ireland's parts. I've only watched once, but it was interesting!

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I really like Kathryn Ireland-- she is the most down to earth! It is a fun show to watch! Take care, Caroline

Elizabeth said...

MDD is such a guilty pleasure! I totally agree with you re Nathan - show us more!

Jenny Castle Design said...

Such a great summary on the show, I've been watching...what a different world! Love Kathy Ireland and also can't wait to see the beach house - totally charming!

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

I am a sucker for anything Bravo puts out so I have loved the show from the beginning. They have to have big personalities on the show or else no one would watch but I agree...need more Nathan!!!

How have you been?? Long time, no blogging for both of us!!

Karen said...

After watching the first episode I didn't think I'd watch again. I was especially disappointed by how shallow Mary McDonald appeared, but we all know that editing can make anyone look bad. I wish we'd see more of Jeffery's decorating. The party for Ross and the gym men's room didn't really do much to show off his talents.

Unknown said...

Love it! I'm a fan of Martin Lawrence Bullard and Mary MacDonald's work. It's so fun to see they have the same demands put on them that other designers have, the difference is they are getting paid so well to deal with it all! I can't believe Kathryn Ireland is so late to her appointments all the time. I think the show is great fun!

TN Mimi said...

After the first show, I was pretty turned off by the whole lot of them!
The setting is LA, however, so things are over the top.
It has given me some insight into how designers work. I really would like to give that Factor woman a kick to the curb! She needs to let Kathryn Ireland do her job without interference.

Jenna Lee said...

Kathryn Irelands house is going to be stunning. I couldnt agree more its such great style.

kayce hughes said...

Haven't seen it but you are tempting me!

julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I love all those fake reality shows. I have only seen the first episode of MDD, but hope to catch up on a marathon one of these day. Love your take on it all.

My Interior Life said...

Couldn't agree more! Do you read MFAMB's recaps? Hers are pretty much in line with what you've said. Ross is definitely more interesting than JAM. And yes, definitely more Nathan!! Mary bugs me a bit, but she gets the job done. Love Kathryn's personality and style, but she's a bit scattered and looks like she doesn't have any teeth when she speaks (like she has dentures almost). MLB annoys me a bit more than the others. I think he's more of a poser/name-dropper than the others. Kiss-kiss, dahling!

Interior Design Musings said...

I have to confess I haven't been watching, but your recap makes me think I should be! M.

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

I have been missing this? When, where and what do I have to do to get the kids out of the room? Must look into.

Stephanie said...

The show is growing on me...I could never design for clients like theirs, you have to be a certain type of personality to deal with all the egos of your clients. The one thing I must say though, it really isn't that hard to make such high end pieces they buy look bad, I wonder how they would do if they had to really shop.