Southeastern Salvage

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Good taste has no price tag." - Billy Baldwin

On a recent February afternoon, I ventured out in search of stylish bargains and I wound up at one of my favorite haunts, Southeastern Salvage!.  With all of the homes I have renovated over the past decade or so, this place has been invaluable in helping me get a hgh end look on a meager budget. Here are some picks and/or pics ... : )

As usual, there is a good  selection of mirrors at great prices.  You can get a tall "leaner" mirror starting at just under $90.  The one immediately above is made from railroad ties and  has a great rough texture.  It is priced at just under $200.

These french chairs are covered in goes-with-everything linen and would work well in a bedroom.  There is also a sofa available in this style.

A superb buy on this teakwood bench at $149.  If I were using this outside I would keep it in its natural wood finish, but it would also be an amazing statement piece in a foyer painted in a rich Chinese red.

Nothing says summer like stripes!  These pillow covers are so easy because you can use them over your existing pillows and zip up a whole new look.  I'm loving the hot pink & navy blue stripes!

Place these beautiful green vases in front of window to really make them glow.  They would also make gorgeous DIY lamps - all you need is a bottle lamp kit from any hardware store!

Love these pottery oriental vases.  At $14.95, the wooden stand is included!

These mini benches are painted in such fun colors and would be right at home with cottage decor.

All of these frames have been marked down to just $5.00 for any size.  Mats are included.

You can find rugs here in lots of shapes, styles and colors.  These cowhide rugs are showing up everywhere and start at about $80. 

A recent issue of House Beautiful shows a cowhide draped over the back of a settee

In this photo, the homeowner/designer uses a cowhide as a tablecloth.  Not sure how I would feel about food being served on a cowhide rug, but is sure looks great!

Here is a cowhide being used as a rug.  They wear quite well and require very little care.

The rug in this photo is a cowhide mosaic. Would you believe they have one just like this at Southeastern Salvage?  Sorry, didn't get a photo of it but it is suspended above the rug area. 

Cutting edge design can be found in the most unlikely places!!


Poetrycherie said...

I just LOVE this place as it has the most amazing stuff!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Holy crapola I've driven by this store many times in Nashville and never cared to stop, they have the dinning table I want just like restoration hardware I must go at once!

P.s. thanks for stopping by!